Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding Company – How It Works

Impact Legal Funding provides pre-settlement funding.

If you have a litigation case in process but find yourself short of funds and there is no imminent end in sight for your case, you can apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Impact Legal Funding. You could receive lawsuit funding upon the approval of both Impact Legal Funding and your lawyer. You can use this money for any purpose you desire. There are no monthly payments.  There are no credit checks. And, it doesn't matter if you are working or not.   When your case settles, your lawyer will pay us out of your settlement. And, if you don’t win your case, you pay nothing!!

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is money advance with no recourse, given to an individual that has been injured in exchange for a promise that the funds will be repaid when the lawsuit is won. The progress covers health and medical care related expenses, expert witness, study, and lawyer fees. Your litigation must be no less than four months old with the likelihood that it will settle within 18 months

The pre-settlement lawsuit funding will provide the plaintiff about 10-20 percent of the anticipated conclusion. This lien comes after any lien put on the settlement for lawyer or health care fees. By keeping the financed amount little, and by becoming involved after a specific quantity of time has passed, the true cost to the plaintiff is quite little relative to their own increased profit.

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