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Lawsuit Funding and Assistance for Construction Accidents

While working on a construction site can be extremely rewarding as you see something go from an idea to a tangible asset, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Every year, thousands of builders and other contractors get into lawsuits after equipment failure, poor safety procedures, or a lack of appropriate training.

If you’ve recently been involved in a construction accident, you might have contacted an attorney to check your rights. If they explained that it wasn't your fault and that you’re due compensation, you probably started a lawsuit. So far, these are all positive steps and they help you to move towards a solution. Especially if you’ve been left unable to work, the compensation will help you to pay bills and medical costs…in the future. As you’ve probably been told, lawsuits can take some time and this leaves you with financial troubles until the magic day. Since you’re the victim in this situation, we don’t think you deserve financial worries too and this is why Impact Legal Funding offers pre-settlement legal funding.

When we say this to some people, they think we’re exaggerating but sadly we’re telling you how it is today. With construction accident claims, you could be waiting for months and perhaps even years. As time drags on, the insurance company will put pressure on an early settlement and, the longer it takes, the more appealing it looks because your bank account is getting less and less healthy. If you’re forced into an early settlement, you won’t get an amount anywhere near what you’re due and this is why we started our service in the first place.

If you choose Impact Legal Funding, you can secure the finances for longer and wait for the payment you deserve. Suddenly, you’ll have the ability to pay all bills, medical costs, and even expenses to put food on the table for your family. What’s more, the facilities might also be in place to hire the best investigators and experts to put your case in a stronger position.

Every year, thousands of people have sleepless nights worrying about their financial position while waiting for a settlement and we don’t think this is fair; especially after experiencing a construction accident and dealing with potential injuries. Therefore, you can contact Impact Legal Funding today at 1-833-CASH-YES and you’ll be put through to one of our experts. From here, you can ask questions and start the application process. If you prefer, there’s also an application form online. Either way, we get the money to you as soon as possible rather than the months and years the settlement takes!