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Mass Tort Lawsuits: Receiving Legal Funding for Support

Every year, thousands of people decide to take on a large company in a lawsuit in what we call ‘mass tort’. Essentially, this means that numerous plaintiffs bring the case to one or two companies. As you can imagine, this can come to be expensive but you may be able to receive support in the shape of pre-settlement funding and Impact Legal Funding is an expert service within this niche.

As soon as you introduce multiple parties to a lawsuit, the whole process can become rather complex. In the case of mass tort, there could be thousands of plaintiffs all giving evidence against one or two companies. In addition to the plaintiffs, this means there are dozens of lawyers all trying to collate information and this adds valuable time to proceedings. During this time, you’re left out-of-pocket and you may even be out of work so you need money. If this is the case, contact Impact Legal Funding for expert advice because you may just qualify for a cash advance on the legal settlement.

Although the cases for mass tort can vary greatly, the most common example would be injuries or illnesses from a popular product. If a company produces a faulty drug and hundreds are affected, they might all bring a case towards the manufacturer and this is where dozens of attorneys can all get involved with the process.

Today, it seems as though there are frequent mass torts for IVC filters, transvaginal mesh, Risperdal, Xarelto, Zofran, Invokana, Talc, Stryker, fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs (FLQs), and Morcellator.

Normally, those who have brought a case forward by contacting an attorney think they have to wait until it’s settled before they receive any money but we think differently at Impact Legal Funding. After wondering why individuals should have to risk their finances for justice, we decided to offer pre-settlement funding and we’ve been doing so ever since. Depending on the case, we can normally offer up to 15% of the final reward so you can pay all bills and put food on the table.

For just a moment, we want to take a step back and quash any misconceptions and rumors you may have heard incorrectly. Firstly, the transaction will be a no-risk plan; after buying a portion of the settlement, you enjoy the case while we’re happy to wait for the outcome. If the case fails, you don’t have to pay anything back nor do you pay any monthly fees or charges while waiting.

Ultimately, the service has been created for you which is why there are no restrictions and no upfront fees. In truth, we aren't really interested in your financial position so we don’t carry out credit checks or background checks. All things considered, we only care about the facts of the case and whether you deserve pre-settlement legal funding.

By browsing our website, you can find out more about how we operate and how the process works. If you want to speak to a representative, you can apply online using the contact form or you can dial our number which is 1-833-CASH-YES.