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Injuries Sustained in Maritime, Ship or Boat Accident Qualify You For Lawsuit Funding

Have you been injured in a maritime or boating accident? Do you need low cost legal funding with a pre-settlement litigation loan? Our financing professionals at Impact Legal Funding can offer a low cost lawsuit cash advance to people who have a pending maritime settlement. According to the United States Coast Guard (USCG), a boating accident is defined as one of three conditions:

  • A ship passenger is seriously hurt or dies
  • A boat passenger disappears and death or injury is suspected
  • A watercraft causes or sustains damage

Boating accidents are not limited to minor collisions. They are not to be dismissed. Every two and a half hours a person is hurt or killed in a maritime boating accident. On an ordinary day the USCG investigates six boat casualties involving crashes or grounding (a boat being trapped in the mud); conducts 109 Search and Rescue cases; conserves 10 lives; also assists 192 people in distress. In Philadelphia, PA a tugboat collided with the town's popular duck boat, a small boat used to run tours of the Philadelphia waterfront. The driver of the tugboat was distracted by the use his cell phone and laptop PC and had been away for an extended time period before the crash. Two tourists died in the crash, others were hurt.

Common causes of Boating mishaps:

  • Under the influence of alcohol by the captain
  • Failure to adequately look out for other ships, objects, and people
  • Using excessive speed
  • Inexperience operators
  • Inattentive operation of watercraft

Can you utilize a lawsuit cash advance on your pre-settlement law suit?  Let Impact Legal Funding get the litigation financing you require while your maritime accident situation evolves in the legal system.

It's hard to recover from a boating accident, and the majority of the time the end result of being involved in an accident is the inability to perform your work duties and keep up a continuous income. Working with insurance companies can be frustrating and lead to an unfair settlement. They will work hard for you to settle for less than you deserve. Do not let insurance companies undermine your case and personal suffering. Get the pre-settlement cash advance lawsuit loan you need while your attorney works for you for the money to which you are entitled.

Here at Impact Legal Funding, we understand the problem of moving through a crash settlement case and the life adjustments that might need to be made while in the court system. We realize that not all cases settle quickly, and low cost pre-settlement funding may be the ideal choice to supplement income at the same time you wait for your closing settlement. If you need to pay the rent or mortgage, a car payment, or daily expenditures, make an application for a low cost pre-settlement cash advance with Impact Legal Funding. Our professional team will work diligently to make sure your requested lawsuit loan is expedited so you can use your cash advance with haste. Once your application has been accepted and processed you will get a certified check via postal mail. If, for some reason, your case isn't won and you do not get your final compensation, you owe nothing back to Impact Legal Funding. We only get paid back when and if you have received your final settlement.

Let Impact Legal Funding assist. There's no risk and no credit check. Our choice to give the lowest cost pre-settlement funding is based solely upon the merit of your case. Get the funding you need by completing this application – Click Here or call 1-833-CASH-YES.