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How to Receive Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

If you recently lost a loved one and are currently going through a wrongful death case in court, you’ll know how taxing the process can be on your finances. While also trying to grieve for your family member, this can be tough but there are solutions including our lawsuit funding..

Whether the death was caused by gross negligence or any other mistake or error, you’re well within your rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Sadly, even the strongest of cases can last many years and you’re left short of money. However, this doesn’t need to be true with Impact Funding because we can help you get by until the wrongful death lawsuit settlement comes in. Rather than having to wait, we bridge the gap by providing you with a portion of the wrongful death lawsuit settlement early.

With wrongful death lawsuits, they’re notoriously difficult but your monetary recovery will be decided by a number of factors including any pain and suffering experienced before death, any savings they may have had, how much they earned in their career, and the emotional and mental affects as a result. Additionally, was the family dependent on the deceased financially? If ‘yes’, the compensation/settlement is likely to be larger.


Receive Help Today - Regardless of how dependent you were on the deceased, there will be costs that arise from their passing; the financial loss just happens to be magnified when the deceased was the breadwinner for a family. Between the date of the accident and the date of the award, a lot of time can pass and you need to maintain the standard of living to which you’ve grown accustomed and this is especially true where children are involved.

After losing the income from your loved one, you also need to find money to deal with hospital bills, attorney fees, the funeral, and more. Unfortunately, the double-effect cripples many families each year and it can be devastating to see because it’s through no fault of their own. In truth, this is why we started Impact Funding and it’s why we’re so passionate about helping those waiting for a wrongful death lawsuit settlement.

Only the Facts Matter - If you’re worried this sounds like a loan, you aren't the only one because we receive this comment frequently. However, we aren't interested in your credit report, background, financial position, or bank account. In fact, we aren't even interested in application fees or upfront costs because this isn't the idea of our service. Instead, we only worry about the facts.

Across the market, you will find pre-settlement legal funding companies who require fees upfront but the application at Impact Funding is completely free. Up until the settlement, you won’t have to pay anything which means there’s little risk for you across the whole process.

If your case is lost, you also won’t need to worry about repayments because, once again, this isn't a loan. If you choose a loan, you WILL have to repay everything regardless but this is a pre-settlement legal funding service so the rules are very different!