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The Jones Act Lawsuit Funding for Maritime Accidents

Maritime Accidents and the Jones Act.

Not a lot of us know about legal processes that can come into play after a maritime accident.  In the United States, the Jones Act is one of the most important maritime laws.  It is designed to protect everyone from dockworkers and crew hands to the owners of ocean-going vessels

 The Jones Act, is also known as the Merchant Marine Act.  Passed in 1920, The Jones Act covers anyone working on a ship that is in the water (navigable waters, as expressed in the Act).  What this means is that anyone working aboard the ship, regardless of rank or duty, is covered by the Jones Act. Even dockworkers who are injured loading or unloading ships have recourse to this law.  Unfortunately, what it does not cover are ships that are out of water, say being repaired or built on dry-dock.

Claims Applicable to the Jones Act.

Qualified personnel who are covered can begin a claim to seek compensation for damages or injuries, but in order to start your claim there are two very important actions that must be taken.

First, all injuries that occur ship board must be reported to the captain or other officer at once. Do this so that the incident can be logged.  In this case a Ship’s officer can be the captain, first mate, foreman or manager. These personnel are required to document the incident in accordance with maritime law.

Second, it is very important to file the claim within seven days of the incident.

Impact Fundingis a nationwide provider specializing in pre-settlement funding.  The only states we do not service are TN, CO, and MD.

Lawsuit Lending.

Before you sign with any company on a lawsuit loan, educate yourself on some basic facts.  If you have ever dealt with an insurance company over a car accident then you know how slowly the process goes.  Now consider that maritime injuries are much more complex and time-consuming. Your employer has no interest in paying you and will go to great lengths to undermine your case.  By muddying the waters their goal is to wear you down so that you take the first offer or, better yet (for them) no offer at all.  If you have been severely physically or mentally injured on the job then you may have medical bills and general living expenses that you need to meet.  Lawsuit lending is designed to help you cover your costs during the time it takes for the lawsuit to settle. 

Impact Funding is one such company that offers lawsuit funding for Jones Act cases. If your employer denies any responsibility for injuries you have sustained, you could have a very difficult time getting workers compensation benefits. As we have mentioned, this process is very complex with some lawsuits taking years to settle. Maritime settlement funding can ensure that you have finances available during that time.

Provided you qualify, Impact Funding makes your advance process quick and easy.  We can generally secure funding within 24 hours, saving you the excess worry. Impact Funding supports you with zero up-front costs.  You will not have to undergo any credit checks. Not having a bank account is not a problem.  We have rates as low as 1%.  If you don’t win your case you do not have to pay.  Impact Funding also offers you a risk-free guarantee.

Lawsuit lending is not a loan it is an advance on your settlement. What is special about these types of loans is that, even if you lose your case, you keep the money, free and clear.  Typically, a lawsuit loan will be between 10 and 20 percent of your case’s estimated value.  Most importantly you need to beware because not all funding companies are the same.

Do I qualify for Lawsuit Lending?

First of all, you need to know if you have a case and Impact Funding has the resources, experience and personnel to help you answer any question.   But generally, anyone working on navigable waters contributing at least 30% of their work time aboard, or in service to, a vessel in navigable waters can be protected under The Jones Act.

Second, the facts surrounding you case will determine your qualification for legal funding. The facts will inform the level of legal funding available, if any.  Be sure you have a solidly grounded case in which you have actual, provable injuries.

Third, you need to have a lawyer who is familiar with these cases and can address any potential legal ramifications.  This is critical because funding companies secure their advance through the lawyer, so it is the lawyer who repays upon lawsuit completion.

Impact Legal Funding

You don’t have to be an expert in the legality of the Jones Act to work with us.  We make your loan processing easy, meaning you don’t have to make things hard on yourself.  With you, your lawyer and us, we can assure your solvency through any protracted lawsuit. You will have the assurance you need that you can pay your bills and take care of your family.  We pride ourselves on our transparency, we are there for you when you need it most.

Impact Legal Funding

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