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Actos Lawsuit Loan: Financial Help Before Settlement

As an oral medication, for many years people suffering from type 2 diabetes have been prescribed Actos (a brand name for Pioglitazone). Thanks to its ability to control blood sugars when paired with exercise and dieting, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, its manufacturer, has enjoyed success over the years.

Depending on the severity of the case, Actos is generally prescribed in doses of 15mg up to a maximum of 45mg per day. Although some use the drug on its own, others will use it as part of a wider treatment plan including metformin and others.

How Does Actos Work?

In 1999, the FDA approved the drug because it helped type 2 diabetes sufferers in three main ways;

  • Allowed the cells in the body to become more sensitive to insulin.
  • Decreased both liver-produced glucose and insulin resistance.
  • Allowed the body to become more efficient at eliminating excess blood sugar.

Despite the positives in the type 2 diabetes niche, pioglitazone was not to be used by those with the following illnesses; edema, congestive heart failure, macular edema, microvascular outcomes, hepatic (liver) effects, fractures, hypoglycemia, or bladder cancer.

Common Side Effects of Actos

Over the years, many side effects of using Actos have been found including blood in urine, stomach pains, shortness of breath, chest pain, painful urination, nausea, quick weight gain, loss of appetite, jaundice, dark urine, itching, pale skin, bruising, general weakness, blurred vision, and even constant hunger/thirst.

In addition to this, some less severe side effects have also been found but these included many that appear with most medications including sore throat, cold symptoms, fever, and muscle pain. Also, allergic reactions are possible.

Unfortunately, many people taking Actos have experienced severe and life-changing side effects, and this includes;

  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Bladder cancer
  • Heart attacks
  • Liver damage
  • Bone fractures
  • Kidney damage

As well as these, a small percentage of cases have led to blindness and congestive heart failure.

FDA Warnings and Recalls for Actos

After a 2007 study showed the risk of congestive heart failure, the manufacturers of Actos and Avandia (the former’s predecessor) were told to add black-box warnings to their drugs; this is the most severe warning by the FDA. Four years later, it was thought the risk of bladder cancer increases by 40% when using the drug and this resulted in a Drug Safety Communication by the FDA.

Over the last decade, the number of studies on the drug has increased and, in 2011, Takeda Pharmaceuticals were asked to update their labels - in particular, the Warnings and Precautions section. From this moment, all patients were warned of the increased risk of bladder cancer when using Actos for more than a year.

Lawsuits Relating to Actos

As a result of these side effects, thousands of patients have suffered severe consequences, and this has led to lawsuits for both Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lily & Co (the marketer). In the first federal trial against the manufacturer, Terrance Allen, a New York shopkeeper, won $9 billion in punitive damages after being diagnosed with bladder cancer as a direct result of Actos. Later in the year, this was reduced to $37 million.

After many cases were filed, a multi-district litigation (MDL) was eventually filed against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and this process is ongoing. In addition to health issues in previous patients, one former employee has also come forward and said that she was told to ‘ignore reports’ and under-report any negative claims. Dr Helen Ge, previously a safety consultant, said that only 72 of 100 cases of bladder cancer were passed on to the FDA.

In 2015, thousands of bladder cancer cases were settled for a sum of $2.4 billion. With roughly 9,000 cases, each individual is expected to receive $275,000 - but experts believe this total could increase to $2.7 billion.

Different Types of Lawsuits - In the years since the first case, a number of different claims have been placed by plaintiffs and we’ve listed a few examples below;

  • Defective product
  • Unsafe product
  • Misleading information for the public
  • Failure to test the drug
  • Failure to provide sufficient warnings of bladder cancer risk
  • Withholding research data
  • Selling for profit despite knowing the dangers
  • Breaching warranty with drug unfit for purpose

In terms of compensation, most plaintiffs are aiming for one or a combination of the following types;

  • Medical/Funeral Bills - If funeral expenses, medication, surgery, hospital bills, and checkups arise as a direct result of Actos, lawsuits will cover these costs.
  • Punitive Damages - A punishment for Takeda Pharmaceuticals for failing in their role to protect and inform the public.
  • Pain and Suffering - Financial recuperation for mental, emotional, physical, or financial suffering.
  • Loss of Income - Often, those who have suffered from a serious side effect will be unable to work and so a lawsuit will attempt to recover lost income. Not only will the victim be affected, their partner or a family member may have to stop working to become a caregiver.
  • Loss of Consortium - Although less common, some plaintiffs are claiming for loss of consortium which is essentially the impact to relationships after medical problems; spouses may be entitled to compensation.

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